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EVENTS -Aug 24 2019


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1. Visitor-centric, clear purpose

2. Progressive disclosure

3. Displays quickly

4. Browser compatible

5. Intuitive navigation

6. Spelling, grammar, writing

7. Secure (eCommerce)

8. Attractive design, easy to read

9. Cultural bias? (Regional? Domestic? International?)

11. Maintainable (separate content from style)

12. Search Engine Accessible

  • World Wide Web Consortium

The organization responsible for creating official web standards

  • W3Schools

Online web tutorials (also contains web statistics)

  • Coursera

  • Edx

  • Web Style Guide

A thorough and accessible guide to Web design

  • Jacob Nielsen’s Use It

A web site devoted to accessibility issues

  • Cool

A listing of the “coolest” home pages

  • Vincent Flander’s Web Pages That Suck

Learn good design by looking at poorly designed web sites

  • Web Site Optimization Analyzer

Analyze time it takes for web site to load

  • Web Browser Statistics

  • disABILITY Information and Resources

A listing of web sites to help make web pages more accessible

  • Lynx Viewer

Emulations of lynx (text web browser)

  • WebTV Viewer

An emulation of the WebTV browser

  • HTML Validator

Validates HTML code

  • Bobby Accessibility Validator

Validates web sites for accessibility issues

  • August 2005 Connection Speed Statistics:

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