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An e-learning portal

About :

This is an e-learning portal developed using Django framework. Our primary aim is to provide free and efficient information and it is accessible for everyone.The site is under development phase.

How did we get the Idea :

As a student we ponder over different sites when we stuck somewhere and most of the times we don’t find sufficient and efficient information, and even if we find the content is too vast to read and understand by ourselves. So to resolve all these problems we came up with making precise and effective notes that tends to cover most of the important things that is required.

Technologies :

We have used Django, A web Framework of Python. Basically Django is an open source and is quite efficient for creating dynamic websites.We have used sqlite3 as the database as it is default for the django. For security purpose django itself encrypts all the private information so as a developer we don’t see the passwords of the user so our site can be reliable.

Future Scope :

We are planning to use recommender system using Machine Learning, so that the topics which is most used by the users will be shown on top of their list. We have planned to add meaning (both dictionary meaning and technical meaning) of most of the words. So that a user need not to refer other resources if they get stuck somewhere.

Developers :

  • Aditya Raman
  • Arsh Deep

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Author :

Aditya Raman Aditya Raman    Follow

Software Developer | Engineer | Former Full Stack Developer Intern | Volunteer at UNV Online

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